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August 3, 2022
Midwife attending to a Neonate- Maternity Ward

A chain of duty is a line used to ensure the service offered, fulfills its obligations concerning work-related well-being, safety, and work fluidity. The idea behind it is, that everyone’s duty links to the other.

Our daily duties and responsibilities guide the growth and advancement of the organization. Our devotion and love for our day-to-day responsibilities define or summarize the Hospital’s progress, so aligning with the Hospital’s mission.  This is essential to its success.

Looking into reality, progress is not likely to be realized while one person completes assignments. However, it’s undeniable when everyone involved contributes humbly, promoting fluidity in the workplace. This is surely clear to be seen all over the Hospital premises whereby every service offered by any hospital worker is connected to the other.

On a certain day, I found myself sitting next to one unknown man who seemed to be new to the Hospital. His complex looks and his eye’s changing constantly direction surprised me, making me curious. I began trying to figure out what was going on inside his mind, but I failed to come up with anything relevant, so I gave up trying. I resumed what I was doing on my phone.

In the turn of things, when I was in my world doing what I was enjoying, this man uttered some catchy words: “Wow! This is marvelous, the true definition of God’s work manifesting in front of my face”. His words made me even more confused, but this time I was able to say something. “What do you mean sir?”, I asked.

“Oh my God! Young man, can’t you see what is going on here? He spoke. “What is that, sir? I asked again. “One is cleaning the place; the other is giving medicine; another one is attending to the new patients; a technician is there working on the light system; a nurse is pushing a wheel chair”. Don’t you think this is beautiful?” “Yes, it is. This is how things are done here, sir”, I replied. He responded: “Every service is linked to the other. If all mankind did things like this, I believe, the world would be a safe place for all of us”. “True sir, if a man would realize the value of a fellow man, then the devil will not succeed in his work”, I answered.

Then another thought came to my mind. There are so many benefactors and well-wishers, who unknowingly join this chain of duty and responsibility.

The joyful donors assist us financially by providing any support needed to run the hospital. Still it needs the link to the Hospital by the administrators to complement what they are supporting by leading the health facility inside. But even the management cannot do it by itself, they need the doctors to treat the sick. The medical doctors additionally need nurses, midwives, laboratory personnel, x-ray and ultrasound operators, to carry on from where they left off; cleaners, compound workers, accountants, technical staff and many others need each other in whatever they are doing to maintain the chain of work fluidity in the interest of our patients. Often, I hear the expression: “The patient first!” In fact, this is the main purpose of the existence of the Hospital and we are all part to fulfill this task.

By Achia Emmanuel

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Sr. Hellen Atekit (L) together with Compound Worker (C)- Photo Credit: Gudrun Marat
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