Matany Hospital was accredited as a distribution centre for Anti-Retroviral drugs by Ministry of Health Uganda.
Since May 2005 the Hospital has been providing care to people living with HIV/AIDS through the above clinic. Currently a medical officer, clinical officer and two counsellors are involved in the comprehensive care of clients. Following installment of a CD-4 count machine, the eligibility criteria developed by WHO was adopted and after a sensitization campaign of public and local leaders; the ARV Clinic began to work since the 24th May 2005. Ever since the opening of the ARV Clinic, the work has increased progressively. By 30th June 2011, a cumulative number of 3,154 patient visits have been recorded in the Clinic.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is progressively becoming a threat in Karamoja for several factors mainly, illiteracy, poverty, high military presence in the region, polygamous lifestyle of the community and increased rural urban immigration. Unfortunately there has been a great lag in community sensitization to raise awareness and behaviour change.

Unless something is done urgently in these areas the situation may progress into a crisis. Matany Hospital so far does not have the capacity to provide social support, palliative and home care to the clients. There is urgent need to identify partners to support the Hospital efforts in prevention, treatment and care as well as psychosocial support. A memorandum of understanding with the infectious disease institute of the University of Torino in Italy was signed to support the HIV/ADS clinic with training of staff.

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