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December 1, 2022
Namilo Sharon CM 2019, making a presentation.

When you think of 2020, you think of one thing before the rest; interruption or particularly, COVID-19.  The impact of this outbreak is hard to overstate; the majority arose from preventive measures. The directives as inconvenient as they got, were for the good of the entire population. Nevertheless, the stand-still was detrimental not only to the daily running of the business but also education. Not just once, but twice; first and second wave. St Kizito Hospital Matany School of Nursing and Midwifery students were not spared in any way.

About to be dispatched to “serve and love” is a cohort comprised of 5 gentlemen and 38 ladies who joined this training school at a time which later seemed to be an unfortunate time to join any school, July 2019.  All 5 gentlemen did nursing, 18 of the females trained for midwifery and the rest, 20 pursued a nursing certificate.

Finalists and continuing students attend the presentations

As of 29th November, the class did final preparations inclusive of personal revisions, group discussions and academic seminars all aimed at acing the final examinations slated for 6th December 2022. Teams were created to do self-assessment in practical sessions, different examinable areas in typical ward setup were practised and marks were awarded. The examiners -who were fellow students- awarded marks and gave comments on the performance of the fellow students. The tutors later joined in to give more detailed and expert guidance to the students.

Sr. Eunice giving her remarks

Sr Eunice Okello, the clinical instructor further emphasized the matter of individual attitude towards patients, not just for the final exams but the whole career, referring to the increased complaints about nurses’ attitudes in almost every facility.
Summary video

Before one of the many academic seminars, a few students shared their experiences about the journey from choosing the profession to choosing this specific training school and completing the training.

“I decided to join this particular training school because of the reputation they have built; passing the best-performing nurses and midwives in this country despite, being outside the central region where the best training schools are presumed to be located. I applied normally as guided by the adverts, got shortlisted and did the interview. I believe I was outstanding in the interviews as well; the admission team was free and fair enough to take me in based on merit.”

~ Awor Anna Frances from Tororo.

“My inspiration to join this nursing profession stemmed from my first encounter in the medical ward in Matany Hospital when my father was brought in a critical condition, The way the nurses received and took good care of my father impressed me, it was just a good impression shortly before it turned to a deep inspiration. He later succumbed to the illness; nevertheless, I envisioned myself being a nurse, the best nurse! besides, what better place to do my training? I thought.”

~ Dida Happy Peace from Kaabong

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed me as it did to everyone else, the most apparent is the academic timeline that got disrupted. I am certain I would be a midwife by now prepping for a diploma course. My family’s sole source of income; business, also got a setback posing further challenges to provision for me and my siblings. On the brighter side, (scoffs) I got to spend more quality time with my family, with the nature of boarding schools, we barely spent more than a month with family. Above all, I am glad we have reached the beginning of the end.”

~Natiang Gloria from Amudat

The hospital, the school administration and all the stakeholders are pleased with the resilience and the milestones the trainees have achieved up until this point.

The success card from the Hospital Administration

Nyeko Gunther

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