Eye Care – St. Kizito Hospital Matany

Eye care is also one of the components of primary health care. Most disability due to eye conditions can be avoided through timely and appropriate treatment. Matany hospital provides a wide spectrum of eye care services that includes medical treatment and eye surgery. The Eye care clinic in the hospital is run by an Ophthalmic Assistant whose basic training/qualification is a certificate in eye care.

He is able to diagnose and treat most eye conditions, screen for refractive errors and dispense spectacles with the overall supervision of the clinical team. The more specialised surgical treatment is provided through ophthalmology camps carried out by ophthalmologists. During the year, one surgical camp was done with a total of 137 Patients treated.

The pathology mix for the eye conditions includes the following; allergic and bacterial conjunctivitis, cataract, eye trauma, entropion, active trachoma infection with some cases of trachomatous trichiasis, corneal ulcers and scarring. Cases of glaucoma are not common among the catchment population.

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