A brief history of St. Kizito Hospital Matany

  • 1968 Opening of a Dispensary by the Comboni Missionary Sisters.
  • 1968 Dispensary upgraded to a Maternity Centre with the support of OXFAM Canada
  • 1970 Laying of the Foundation Stone for the Hospital. 1974 the expansion to a Hospital with the help of MISEREOR Germany was completed
  • 1972 Opening of the OT
  • 1974 First Medical Superintendent, Dr. Gigi Rho
  • 1974 Begin of the support of: Gruppo di Appoggio Matany ONLUS Milano / ITALY
  • 1978 Official personnel support from Italy – CUAMM starts
    PHC activities are partly supported from Italy
    Opening of Children ward, X-Ray, TB ward and stores. Residences for MO were built as well as more staff houses. Matany Hospital is growing to its full capacity.
  • 1984 Opening of the Nurse Training School. Buildings were financed by the European Union.
  • 1985 Posting of the first Ugandan Doctor (Dr. Emanuel Kezala) to the Hospital in the frame of Italian-Ugandan development program.
  • 1986 Extension of the Primary Health Care program over the entire Bokora County and Lorengedwat Sub-County. Support supervision also to the government units in the area.
    1987/8 A TBA program was initiated by Dr. Sally Graham. It developed gradually to 220 registered TBA’s in Bokora HSD being followed monthly by the PHC-Team
  • 1988-93 Extension of the infrastructure of the Hospital. This was done in order to generate income for the Hospital; attracting building activities utilising the TD as contractor of works. Donations were reducing; therefore income had to be generated.
  • 1994 NTS started extension course for Registered Nursing. Building of new dining hall, class rooms, library, etc.
  • 1994 Support from overseas continued to dwindle while recurrent expenditure was rising. The government stopped any donated medicine to be imported in the country. Salaries, which used to be slightly higher than those of government employees, were reduced. In 1994 personnel went on strike. The administration was concerned about the service delivery to the poorest population in the entire country. Some staff who the Hospital had sponsored left the Hospital. Support from government was received in the form of essential drug kits; payment of some MO’s posted by government.
  • 1995 The Hospital operated by using up its reserves.
  • 1996 The Royal Danish Embassy intervened and began to support the Hospital. A Salary increase for the staff was granted in order to reach the government scale, though not 100%.
  • 1997 Extraordinary fund raising campaigns overseas helped for some time to secure income for the Hospital. This was not a measure to secure the necessary funds for the running costs of the Hospital. In August 1997 user fees were increased with the result that fewer patients came to the Hospital. Women, children, the destitute were excluded from health services. For FY 1997/98, the government promised support in the form of Delegated Funds. This support was possible through active advocacy and presentation of the situation by Br. Dr. Daniele Giusti to the then Minister of Health Dr. C. Kiyonga. After the first release of these funds, user fees were reduced in November 1997.
    1997-99 Beginning of an ecological project supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation in following areas: safe waste disposal, sanitation (ecological water treatment plant), solar hot water system with washing machine, and a photovoltaic system generating 24 hours electricity for the theatre, parts of maternity, administration and laboratory. In addition to that new staff houses were constructed. The electrical main wiring of the Hospital was renewed.
  • 1999 – 2007 Support to the NTS: renovation, office support, books, etc., tutor’s houses, office block for NTS, sponsorships to students and dormitory for Teaching Centre were all financed by DANIDA.
  • 2000 The support group TOYAI started supporting the Hospital with financial aid as well as occasional visits and practice by young doctors.
  • 2000-02 Major renovation of the Hospital infrastructure through the roofing, painting of and the repair of several Hospital buildings. Building of a semi detached house for tutors (DANIDA).
  • 2002 Initiation of a program for HIV/AIDS called REACH (Responding through Education and care to HIV). Together with this, counselling services have become well-established in the Hospital.
  • 2003 First Karimojong Medical Doctor contracted as MO (Dr. James Lemukol).
  • 2003-04 Building of additional Staff Houses at the new Lolain (Clara Comboni House) and DANIDA in Lolain-East. – Drilling of a bore hole at new Lolain.
  • 2005-06 Building of additional two Staff Houses supported by DKA Austria in new Lolain.
  • 2007 Installation of Solar System for all Staff Houses.
  • 2007 First Karimojong appointed Medical Superintendent (Dr. James Lemukol).
  • 2007-08 Extension of General Store and Renovation of OPD.
  • 2008 Extension of Theatre, Exchange asbestos roofs with iron sheets, Renovation of Hospital Kitchen, Begin of Extension of Paediatric Ward.
  • 2008 A computer lab was established in the NTS Library to facilitate the Diploma Nurses in writing their research.
  • 2009 The first Karimojong (URM) sent for Midwifery Tutor training.
  • 2009 Continue building Paediatric Ward as major building project.
  • 2010 On the Day of the Sick, 11th Feb. – Celebration of Silver Jubilee of NTS Matany and inauguration/ blessing of the new Paediatric Ward through Bp. Giuseppe Filippi.
    Renovation of a Senior Staff House next to the NTS.
    Renovation of Senior Staff building to become the community house of MSMM, who are teaching at the NTS.
    Renovation of a Senior Staff building to become the community house for CLM (Comboni Lay Missionaries) mainly serving in the TD of the Hospital.
  • 2010 Midwifery Training of 15 candidates starts on 17th May 2010
  • 2011 Extension of Maternity Ward starts
  • 2013/14 Extension of the Administration Block as to create space for the PNO, a ICT Officer and a Human Resource Officer as well as for a new Board Room
  • 2014/15 Digitalisation of x-Ray images and installation of a LAN
  • 2014/15 Extension of the Laboratory
  • 2015 Construction of a transformer building. Towards the end of 2015 connection to the national electricity grid.
  • 2016 Procurement and Installation of an Oxygen Generation Plant
  • 2017 Purchase and Installation of a new X-Ray machine
  • 2017/18 Renewal of the fresh water supply in the Hospital, NMTS and Staff Quarters with a ring line.

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