Hospital needs in a remote area are very different from the medical centres closer to the city – Kampala.

Our warehouse in the hospital stocks medical supplies and other items in their stores. Such supplies include intravenous (IV) solutions and tubings, first aid products (band aids, wound dressings, gauze, etc.), protective equipment (gloves, gowns, masks, etc.), personal care products, feeding tubes, foley catheters, respiratory supplies and orthopedic supplies (crutches, arm slings, splints, etc.). Items in the warehouse may be distributed to various departments within the hospital (such as OPD, Pharmacy, etc.), through a centralized requisition system which determines what supplies are needed and the amount to each department.

Also known as “materials management” in some facilities, the warehouse staff has their own inventory system which determines the amount of items that are distributed and where they are delivered to. This helps the buyers order more supplies when the stock is running low or completely out. Our hospital store also acts as a shop for the employees who life around the hospital. This is because of the remote location of the hospital.

The store team takes care of the teaching centre and the hospital guest house as well. The trucks of the hospital are a lifeline not only for the patients but for what the hospital provides as services to the community. Without continues fresh supplies the hospital cannot operate.

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