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December 24, 2022

As a tradition, this event happens in December every year, just days before Christmas. The event is preceded by a general staff meeting a day before. During the general staff meeting, the administration accounts for the hospital activities carried out in the year since the previous meeting. Remarks and queries are presented by the rest of the hospital staff members.  This meeting sets everyone on the same page by the end of the day, even ready for a party the next day. These two events are intended to bring together all the staff members from all the different departments ranging from support staff to administration. As it is quite obvious, there is no such instance where all the 268 staff members are under one roof, healthcare provision has to continue always. This is the closest Matany Hospital can get to having everyone together for a meal and a party.

As far as togetherness is concerned, these meetings and parties have both been effective for the past years since it started.

This year: Friday, 16th December 2022, the tradition was further sustained when the hospital held a general staff meeting at 3 pm attaining a high score of attendance of about 200. Opening prayers and remarks were led by the host, deputy human resource manager, Mr Loput Johnson. The host then invited the Medical Superintendent (MS), Dr John Bosco Nsubuga to give his presentation. As it was anticipated, the MS gave a detailed presentation of the hospital activities with statistical backing. The highlight of the presentation was the progressive improvement in healthcare delivery by Matany Hospital despite the deteriorating finance.

The administrator of Matany Hospital, Br. Günther Nährich also gave an insightful presentation mostly highlighting the finance of the hospital. This year 2022, the Hospital expenses substantially increased compared to the previous year; Conversely, the hospital income decreased by almost the same ratio, threatening insolvency. At the end of Br. Günther’s speech, a video sent by Dr Michael, Marga and family was played They have been the most devoted Hospital benefactors. As it is seen in the video, they wish everyone in Matany Hospital a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year 2023. In his own words, “God willing we shall celebrate the Day of The Sick together in Matany next year.”

Shortly after the loud applause, the floor was open for reactions from the members. The members raised questions some including requests for supplements in remuneration which the administration responded accordingly. Mr Erau Faustine, the medical Clinical officer offered a vote of thanks to the administration and the entire team of devoted staff members for working tirelessly each day to ensure the continuance of the Hospital.

Ameo Jesca, the PHC nurse did an excellent job in summarizing and translating the content of the meeting in Akarimojong making sure no one got left out.

Another staff member who happened to be one of the beneficiaries of the Hygiene and sanitation program confirmed that she received the pit latrine and offered her heartfelt gratitude. The meeting ended just a quarter to 6 pm with a closing prayer.

The following day, Saturday, 17th December 2022: The committee comprised of the Hospital catering department, technical and security assembled a team and set things in motion early in the morning to ensure the party happens at the slated time, 3 pm.

The party started at half past three with the arrival of the hospital staff and students from the Nursing and Midwifery Training School (NMTS). Welcoming remarks from the host, again Mr Loput Johnson kickstarted the party. Brief speeches followed from the Medical Superintendent, and the principal nursing officer, Sr. Paula, both taking a keen interest in the time since it wasn’t a talking day.

The students from nursing and midwifery students were invited too, occupying the western tent fully.

Breaks were inclusive and plenty of entertainment happened: the majority included dance choreographies from the Nursing and Midwifery Students, a performance from Teko Sakari, a nurse from Surgical Ward, music performance from Jeep man who sang his recorded song exalting Matany Hospital for its impact on Karamoja.

Sr. Gladys the deputy principal also gave a speech reminding the crowd that the training school scooped 100% in the accreditation just like the hospital did this year.

Br. Günther Nährich the Administrator of Matany hospital gave a 10-minute long speech mostly tailored towards Christmas. In his message, he reiterated the memorable events of the year 2022. Below is the Christmas letter

The video is a detail of the speech that was a combination of the Christmas message and some reminder of the events that happened in during the year.

Without further ado, food was served at two serving points for convenience and time-saving, and everyone got enough. The variety of dishes left the people smiling with satisfaction, thanks to the catering team comprised of the hospital café and the NMTS kitchen staff.

The administration opened the dance floor and the people danced and had fun till 10 pm.

Nyeko Gunther

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