TB patients are admitted after screening from OPD or other Wards. Patients are treated and those most in need also receive supplementary feeding under internal hospital program provided by IDEA and other benefactors. All these efforts aim at promoting the compliance of patients to the treatment and reducing the number of default cases.

Working hours 24 hours but in shifts; Morning, Evening and Night duties The Tuberculosis ward is a separate department responsible for managing and treating patients infected and suffering from T.B.

Activities/Services · Ward round- Review of patients- Routine counseling and Testing to HIV infection · Health Education: On T.B infection and control · Discharges: Sending home patients after showing improvements. · Admissions: Keeping the patients on the ward up to a period of recovery · Mental health: Giving them psychosocial support while in hospital.

Technology · We collect and send sputum for analysis · We prescribe and do x-rays to make the Diagnosis · Biopsies also taken sometimes

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