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Matany Hospital

St. Kizito Hospital Matany is a private-not-for-profit hospital belonging to Moroto Catholic Diocese. It is affiliated and accredited to Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau. The Hospital was established and became fully operational by 1974 as a hospital. The Hospital is governed by a Board of Governors and other co-opted members. The day-to-day management is run by the Hospital Management Team as spelt out in the Hospital Constitution. The owner of the Hospital is the Registered Board of Trustees of Moroto Catholic Diocese. The Board of Governors is responsible for overall policy making and meets regularly to discuss important operational issues of the Hospital.
The Hospital was started in 1966 by the Comboni Missionary Sisters. It began humbly as a dispensary and has over the years grown into a large health care complex that includes a general hospital and a training school for nurses and midwives.
St. Kizito Hospital Matany is located Matany sub-county, Bokora County, Napak District in the north eastern part of Uganda. The Hospital’s capacity constitutes 250 beds distributed through Obstetrics/Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, Tuberculosis, Paediatrics and Surgery Departments. Other services provided by the Hospital include: Diagnostic Laboratory, diagnostic imaging, General surgery, Orthopaedic and Physiotherapy, Counselling, HIV/AIDS Clinic, Antenatal Clinic and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission.
The Hospital also runs a Nursing Training Institution with an average intake of 20 CN-students and 15-20 CM-students annually.
A Human Resource Development Centre gives opportunity to NGOs for conducting trainings and workshops and thus generates some income for the running of the Hospital.
An airstrip, belonging to the Hospital was constructed in times of insecurity and serves mainly for quick transport of visitors and facilitates the delivery of blood from Nakasero Blood Bank through the service of the Mission Aviation Fellowship. .
A well-established Technical Department, embedded in the Administration Department, with a construction department for general repairs and maintenance of the Hospital’s equipment, plant and infrastructure is another important element of the Hospital, generating also income through providing services to the public.

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