A hospital highly depends on technology, without maintenance and a technical team our hospital cannot provide quality services to each patients. The technical department has specialist units each responsible of keeping the hospital in a top condition.

Because of the remote location of the hospital, help from Kampala is difficult to get. The building section is keeping all the hospital buildings, plumping and other building related work in a good condition. Extensions, design, planning and building required by the hospital is handled by the section.

The building section has a special focus on environmental friendly building materials, building blocks are made by the department saving on cost of transport. The buildings are made to be cool so air-condition is not needed saving on energy needs. Currently the building team is finishing the extension of the administration block and is working on our new hospital laboratory extension.

Asbestos is bad for the lungs and can cause cancer. Some parts of the hospital still have roof made of this material. For the safety of the patients and staff the hospital would like to replace with safe materials. If you are interested in helping, kindly donate via our donation page.

A hospital with no electricity is not good, the power technicians in the hospital are providing the necessary knowledge to keep the hospital powered. This year we have established a connection to the Ugandan national grid. In the future we have plans to not only use electricity but also to produce and help Northern Uganda to develop.

Hospital vehicle workshop. It is best to leave the servicing of your vehicle in the hands of trained automotive professionals / mechanics. They have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and correct problems and to put you on the road safety, fuel-efficient driving. Preventive maintenance by the driver might however also help avoid vehicle break- down. This should be thorough, regular and frequent enough to meet the manufacturer’s guidelines and common sense. Our hospital vehicles are in kept in ready conditions to collect and transfer patients at any time.

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