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July 21, 2022

In a trend of repeated loss, she continued to live. Grace’s, every trial to raise a life keeps on ending in heartbreak, leaving her too defenseless to every hateful person’s mockery. Her quest for the happiness that comes with having children has yet to bear fruit in her life. Thus far, it has turned out to be a foundation of isolation. Despite a person’s trials to calm her down, her spirits refuse to be soothed by anyone’s pleasant counseling; for nothing hurts her more than her four babies, who have returned to God the creator, so early.
“I have turned to a playing ground of savages, my pain has become their delight, and I have no one to turn to in this mental-consuming experience, not even my loving husband who has been instigated several times to leave me,” said Grace, her giggling eyes controlled by the deep emotions in her couldn’t stop the tears flooding her chic’s.
In every married woman’s life, giving birth to a baby is the loveliest component of every female delight. The joy and happiness it brings is unmatched by anything in a mother’s life experiences. A new emotional bond that binds the two together prompts her to realize her interest in the new life that a child brings besides, the responsibility to protect this new life excites the mother, overwhelming her with joy and happiness but also making her anxious.
Along with the regular excitement and anxiety that comes from giving birth or conceiving, a woman can also have one principal question on her mind. specifically, what’s next in the baby’s life?
In 2017, Grace was pregnant for the first time and was full of energy, as every mom should be. As the days passed, her delivery time knocked on the door, and it finally arrived on the anticipated month, September of the same year. A nurse drove her to the maternity ward of the Nakapiripirit Health Center. When the setup of the room was ready for her to deliver, the midwives laid her on the bed with her body positioned rightfully. At that moment, Grace was only rational about the gladness she was bound to get in the shortest time.
“I was so excited at that time and I don’t remember feeling any of the pain during delivery,” she said. Because the excitement of having a child enveloped her in fantasies, she never thought once about what was about to devour her happiness. After numerous moans, the little innocent child came out, but shockingly, it didn’t cry. And in a few turns, the doctor pronounced him dead, driving the mother crazy. She continued, “That was shocking! I never thought of that taking place. I had kept on only daydreaming about holding, and loving him, but the news from the doctor blew my mind, succumbing me to tears.”
Heavenly Father, thank you-you are the God of all comfort and joy. I pray you to send your spirit to uplift Grace’s sad heart. Shine a warm light on her cold heart. Only your love can melt sorrow and fill us with joy. I ask this prayer through your Son, Jesus Christ Amen. I did this when I realized that her loss was too deep; I urged her to pray with me and then move on.
This young woman’s quest and hurt didn’t end there. In 2018, she got her second pregnancy, but just like previously, she again lost her child after one month of life. “The second loss felt like it added more load to the already heavy burdens, my inner healing scar soared again and I was considering dying. ” In the following two years, Satan’s hunting of her children continued, repeating the skill, leaving her fighting depression.
Despite her struggles, the community and people around her tormented her even more vigorously, calling her many bad names that have ever existed on this earth. Not only that, but they also influenced the husband to leave her with conviction, the husband was fighting two conflicting thoughts, wondering which to go with. But Grace assured him that, whatever decision he made, he would remain her husband, and she would not tempt marrying someone else.
When her husband deserted her for a year, her humility served her well; upon seeing this, the Comboni sisters assigned her to care for one of the deserted kids whose mom is on the run due to the fact she by no means envisioned having a family. Grace is now content with the boy that God has given her in some other way. The husband, knowing he made a mistake by abandoning his wife, decides to return to her, and the wife is now in St. Kizito hospital Matany, with her newborn child after delivering a few days ago. She appeals to all of us to wish her and her newborn child their happiness together.

Apuda Daniel

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